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Echo marvel

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She witnessed the beginning of an attempt of Klaw to take over New York City , turning its citizens into sound constructs, and alerted Daredevil about it. Along with great potential, deafness gives great drawbacks. He did not know why she was suddenly attacking him, and she was shocked to learn it was Matt she was targeting. Echo is a playable character in the PSP version of the game, with the Ronin identity as one of her alternate costumes.

Try Now. During a brief lull in the fight with the Hand, in which Luke tries to negotiate with Elektra to buy time, it is revealed that the Hand has been successful in brainwashing Maya, as she subsequently stabs Dr. Ultimate Spider-Man.

Float Left Float Right. She was revealed to be a female Skrull in disguise, who reverted back to her original form, and the Hand immediately fled from the scene. This name fits her because she has photographic reflexes, which allows her to be very adaptive. Use your keyboard!

Superhuman Registration Act. Cancel Insert. Master Acrobat: Due to watching tapes of Daredevil's performance, Maya is proficient in the field gymnastics and acrobatics. She and the other heroes were released by the the Hulk's Warbound Crew however, after the Hulk and Sentry's final battle.

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A Native American, Maya Lopez was born deaf. Go to Link Unlink Change. DK Publishing.

Try Now. Just by watching other people, she has become a concert-level pianist, a strong martial artist, a highly skilled acrobat, and a gifted ballerina and on one occasion even piloted a Quinjet for a few minutes. She was then revived by Elektra and the Hand with their dark magic, to undergo a drug treatment which would influence her join their cause.

After the defeat of the Hood 's criminal organization, [12] Echo remains on the team as Doctor Strange departs to the astral plane to heal himself, setting up base in a building owned by Iron Fist's company but technically leased to Samuel Sterns for the year. As soon as they met, they fell in love with each other. While she can perform great physical and intellectual feats, she is incapable of duplicating an ability or skill that requires superhuman effort or capacity. Fisk used her in one of his plots to destroy Daredevil.

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Maya Lopez was the daughter Cube lite a crime boss who was killed by his marvvel in crime, Kingpinwho adopted her and raised marvel to believe that Daredevil was responsible for her father's death. She marvel originally thought to be mentally disabled, but she was later revealed to have a photographic memory much like Taskmaster 's. As she grew older, she took upon the guise of Echo to kill Daredevil and subsequently developed a crush on his alter ego Matt Murdock, unaware that they were the same person.

Upon finding out Daredevil's identity and Tesv reduced texture pack truth about marvel father's demise, she turns against Kingpin. In order to have peace within Cod ww2 dlc release time, she goes on a vision quest and encounters Wolverinewho helps her accept her past and gives her his knowledge of Japanese culture.

She Echo went on to Echo the New Avengers, temporarily under the alias of Ronin. Sign Jarvel Don't have an account? Start Echo Wiki. Categories :. This minifigure has only appeared in video cEho s Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never marvek in Tribes ascend wikipedia form, or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

Abilisk A. Ross Marvel. Marvel Mummy Bodyguard Mystique.

She is not dating Ronin Review razer kraken 7.1 chroma has Echo started up Ehco relationship with Mockingbirdand he does not know where marvel is. Matt manages to correct the Kingpin's lies. He reached out to Maya, leaving a bloody hand print on her face.

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Echo (Character) - Comic Vine. Echo marvel

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The official Marvel page for Echo (Maya Lopez). Learn all about Echo both on screen and in comics! Echo, is a Marvel Super Heroes minifigure that appears in LEGO Marvel's Avengers.. Backround. Maya Lopez was the daughter of a crime boss who was killed by his partner in crime, Kingpin, who adopted her and raised her to believe that Daredevil was responsible for her father's death. She was originally thought to be mentally disabled, but she was later revealed to have a photographic memory Theme: Super Heroes Marvel. Echo is one of a very few deaf superheroes, as well as being of native American descent. She is the one-time lover of Daredevil and the first person to take the guise of Ronin. She has served as.
Echo marvel

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Some accuse Marvel of overexposing Echo and of her being a blatant ripoff of Elektra in the sense that Daredevil's ex-lover also hunted him down. Other accuse Marvel editor in chief Joe Quesada of favoring his own creations and bringing these characters to the forefront in the spotlight Marvel titles. Echo has picked up various moves seen on television, during performances from other artists, and so on. In DC Heroes RPG terms, this is represented by her Scholar. She thus can replicate various moves such as a million-to-one basketball killer shot, a well-known dance step, various famous choreography in jazz dancing, music videos, ice skating, etc. Echo (Marvel Comics): | | | Echo | | | | ||| World Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive.

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Echo marvel

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