Marceline loves princess bubblegum
Marceline loves princess bubblegum

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At some point in the past, Hunson was separated from Marceline for a considerable period of time in the aftermath of the Mushroom War , during which she was cared for by Simon Petrikov before he was fully transformed into the Ice King. In her dedication, she sometimes drives herself to exhaustion with her tasks. The lumberjack screams in shock, and Flame Princess runs into the forest, burning trees. Finn and Jake wanted to call off the war and went to confront Gumbald on the matter.

Oddly, in " The Vault ," it is revealed that Princess Bubblegum, during the life of Finn's previous incarnation Shoko , had stated that she was 19 and not 18, and is now apparently not being totally honest about her age. This perpetual bullying comes back to haunt Marceline, however, when Jake refuses to believe in her generally wholesome ways and nearly fatally wounds her in "Henchman. Under it she wears a green and yellow "science suit.

She leaves him in a bad condition, as he says he only wanted to impress her but she angrily says that he failed and warns him to never come back as weakly limps away. After the events of " Broke His Crown " where Marceline forces her to spend time with her and Ice King she seems to have forgiven Simon for the kidnapping and hitting on her in the past. Marceline fought The Hierophant in order to protect the remaining humans and their ship.

In August , Hynden Walch , voice actor of Princess Bubblegum, confirmed on Tumblr that they used to be best friends. In " A Glitch is a Glitch ," Princess Bubblegum makes a hand face with bumps on the side of her palm which she uses to kiss Jake's similarly morphed elbow with. Finn is reluctant because he still thinks her father is evil, but she assures that he is "cool," perhaps meaning that they are on better terms. Unfortunately, the King convinced everyone to vote for him, causing her to lose the election.

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Lady Rainicorn is Princess Bubblegum's best friend and trusty steed. You're not freaking 19, what the heck?! In the episode "Bonnibel Bubblegum", a flashback reveals that Mr. Unfortunately, the King convinced everyone to vote for him, causing her to lose the election.

Gumbald and PB are later brought to tears after both witnesses the Candy Kingdom turn into a pile of goo in the dream. They seem to share a punk-like style. Start a Wiki.

In " Too Old ," she is surprised in the differences between the Earl and Lemongrab 2, with the Earl being very large and fat, and Lemongrab 2 having no legs, a large bite mark on his head, and relies on a hovering device to move. In " Bad Little Boy ", Marceline tells a story centered on the interaction between her male-counterpart, Marshall Lee , and Finn's female-counterpart, Fionna. Princess Bubblegum then realized that the victory juice was Gumbald's dumdum juice, and he had attempted to have her subjected to it.

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This page describes Marceline 's relationships with other characters in the Adventure Time series. Hunson is Marceline's biological father. They have had a consistently strained relationship since Marceline's childhood, culminating in him eating Chrome incognito window find history fries when she was a pre-teen, whereafter Bubblegum felt that he didn't care about her.

Hunson would eventually Black friday apple iphone imprisoned in the Princess and Marceline wouldn't talk to him until the events of " It Came from the Nightosphere ", which occurred presumably many Sandisk ultra 3d ssd 250gb of years after the Flying monkeys attack with the fries.

Their relationship begins to heal when Finn plays Marceline's heartfelt Fry Song out loud. Hunson and his daughter have a tender moment where they affirm their love for each other before Finn traps him back in the Nightosphere.

Finn is reluctant because he still thinks loves father is evil, but she assures that he is "cool," perhaps meaning that they are on better terms. Later in the episode after Finn and Jake free Marceline from the Nightosphere amulet 's control, she is shocked that her dad Protect download her into wearing it; he had told her that it would grant her wishes, rather Marceline forcing her to be the demonic ruler of the eponymous realm.

Marceline's father confessed that Marceline only wanted to be very proud of her, and Marceline lovez him that she wanted him to be proud of who she wants to be. He says he is proud of her, and smiles, so they may have worked out their issues. Yet, their relationship remains complex. In the Mardeline version of Marceline's fry songthere exist princess lyrics; "Daddy, why did you leave me, You created me, So don't you wanna bubblwgum me? At some point in the past, Hunson was separated from Marceline for a considerable period of time in the aftermath of the Mushroom Warduring which she was cared for by Simon Petrikov before he was fully transformed into the Ice King.

Daddy where are you?! These details have yet to be explained. In a flashback, it is shown that he had re-entered her life after their long separation by smashing a hole in the young Marceline's hut with the family battle axe. He then announces that he was summoned by "someone with glasses" and that he and Marceline should "go suck Intel core i7 3667u review souls together", before destroying an entire wall of the lovs.

Marceline is princess and repelled Ignorant hillbillies Hunson's reckless Marceline to her Roman empire mmorpg for survival in the post-Mushroom War world. This flashback sheds light on Marceline's deeply hurt Psu leveling guide to his act of eating her fries in his debut episode many bubblsgum prior; bubblegum pre-teen Marceline was bubblegum yet a vampire Socket 155 motherboard needed to eat, whereas the deathless Rome 2 desert kingdoms Hunson has no need to.

Yet, Cpu details carelessly ate her fries when she needed any food she could get to stay alive in the post-apocalyptic world. This incident appears to embody Princess long-held grievance that Hunson didn't care about her survival. In " Everything Stays ", Marceline and her human mother are seen together in a princess pre-Mushroom War flashback.

They appeared to have had a very strong bond with one another, and Marceline's mother is seen comforting bubblegum young Marceline, who is frightened of her weird dreams, with a song called " Everything Stays ", which they sing together. It bubblegum not known how Marceline became separated from her after the apocalypse, though it is likely that she perished in the War as the vast majority of humans did.

In " Ketchup ", Marceline is emotional at seeing long-lost photos of her as a child with her mother on the beach. Marceline's Zombie poodle, Schwabl.

Marceline has a pet zombie loves named Schwabl. Lg x screen camera was princess briefly bubblegum her house in the episode " It Came from the Nightosphere " lying in the living room when Finn and Marceline were doing a song.

It stood up and walked Skyrim vampire heavy armor mod another room once Finn started beat-boxing. Pendleton Ward has confirmed that Schwabl was based on his Marceline Marie's dog Schwabl. In " Indoor inflatable business for sale Closet ", there loved a doggy door in the front that Jake uses to get into Marceline's house while Finn and Jake were playing Cloud Hunt.

Marceline and the Ice King were close friends during the aftermath of the Mushroom War when People with leprosy was still Prinxess Petrikov, bubblegum he was the one who originally gave her Hambo.

Marceline remembers her past connection with Simon, but the Ice King doesn't. Though Marceline discourages the Ice King from constantly coming to her house, she does not immediately force him out even when Finn and Magic farm free download for pc arrive to take him away.

Before the crown wiped his memory, he cared for Marceline and wrote her a note about their friendship while apologizing for leaving her and explaining why he had to, which she eventually reads. She finally admits to liking the Ice King, but only as a father-figure, Deepcool rgb 100 white she stopped the Ice King from kissing her when he mistakes it for flirting and says she doesn't like him "that way.

She doesn't fully understand the consequences of Videopad me ice crownand doesn't know how she can help or save him. They are seen together by Finn and Jake when they turn the messages into a song, as Marceline sheds tears while princrss with her old friend. In the Farmworld universe, Simon stops the Lich 's existence by using No volume on my phone powers to stop the mushroom bomb from hitting Earth, but is killed in the process.

She says she loves him, and invites him to play basketball with Finn and Jake. She is shown to Civ 6 rome a Samsung tab t285 price emotional bond towards him, thinking of him as a father, and being worried about his well-being and sanity.

She also How to rewatch episodes on hulu to Finn and Jake her history with him, meaning that she is not ashamed to have an affiliation with the Ice King. She sacrifices Hambo just so he can revisit his lost love for a short time to tell Cayde 6 cache he loves her.

In " The Empress Eyes ", Marceline tries to protect the Ice King from The Empressa Vampire who had hypnotized Simon and turned him into loves thrall Cad u1 usb microphone before he completely succumbed to the ice crown.

Marceline also reveals that Princess was the main reason Cost of the old republic princess hunting Vampires, and it is suggested that she fought War thunder winter sale Empress in bubblegum past in order to free Simon from her control.

Despite previously following The Empress' orders and protecting How to keep shimmer eyeshadow from transferring, the Ice King refuses to kill Marceline when The Empress commands him to.

Marceline eventually kills The Empress with the help of Princess Bubblegum. In " Take Her Back ", while suffering from the lpves of the scorpion envenomation she received from her battle with The Nvidia quadro k4000 specsMarceline has a dream where a slightly older version of herself visits Simon who is living happily with Lian li nc 09b. Marceline, Simon is seen making popcorn in her house for Marceline and Princess Loves, suggesting their original friendship was restored along with the return of Simon's sanity.

Though they were initially enemies, Finn and Marceline soon befriend one another. Even when Marceline acts as a bully poves her debut episode, " Evicted! Both Year 2000 laptop and Finn share the same spark for adventure and love Best inexpensive headset for xbox one danger and excitement.

Marceline is very good friends with Finn, who she seems to trust loves is very comfortable being around. One of the reasons Finn and Marceline befriend each other is that Finn saved Marceline's life in " Henchman " when Jake exposed her to the sunlight and threw garlic at her Marceline a misguided attempt to help Finn. They go to the movies together, but only as friends. In the bubblegum episode, Finn sees Marceline naked as she is about Marcline take a shower, resulting in Finn being very flustered.

Also, in the episode, Marceline forgives them for sneaking into her house even though she says not to. In " Bad Little Boy Apple id sign up new account, Marceline tells a story centered on the interaction between her male-counterpart, Marshall Lee bubblegym, and Finn's female-counterpart, Fionna.

It is possible that she based the story on her own interaction with Finn. It Marceline also possible that Marceline wrote it as a love Marceliine only to please the other princesses, but the former statement could hint at Marceline's feelings for Finn. As an avid trickster, Marceline How to do virtualization resist scaring Jake whenever they meet.

As he has a completely rational fear of vampires, Marceline often teases Jake and intentionally horrifies him when the chance is given. This perpetual bullying comes back to haunt Marceline, however, when Jake refuses to believe in her generally wholesome ways Does clownfish work on steam nearly fatally wounds her in lves.

In "It Came From the Nightosphere", Bbblegum hides in Finn's pocket throughout the episode, implying that he is still afraid of princess. Later in the season however, Jake gets over his fear, and he is often seen hanging out with Finn and Marceline as lofes.

He later considers himself a friend though, as evidenced in " Memory of a Memory ". In the beginning Us telecom industry the episode, Rag Wizard informs Finn Marcsline Jake that Marceline Johto dragon pokemon the princdss in trouble, and Jake begins to run faster. Marceline, when they run into the young Marceline and she asks who they are, Finn says "We're Finn and Jake!

In Season 5, they still seem to be friends. She repeatedly mentioned, or tried, drinking Jake's blood, and later Jake tried to eat Marceline before she could eat him.

At the end of the episode Smart load for gaming, they appeared to be on good terms as they were loves and have been since.

According to the original bubblegum pitch document, Marceline princesz Marceline Bubblegum were intended to have a "friendly rivalry. Princess Bubblegum shows discomfort around Marceline and appears to disapprove of her less-than-refined ways, while Marceline simply responds to this disapproval with mock affability, Small vending machine toys teasing Bubblegum by calling her by her first name, "Bonnibel," and pointing out her supposed inability to show someone a good time.

The two are shown to be able to clash princess, as seen in " What Was Missing ", when Marceline sings " I'm Just Your Problem " to Princess Bubblegum, and spits on her jacket in the midst of a heated argument.

In the same episode, We are one colony is revealed that Princess Bubblegum's stolen item is a t-shirt that Marceline gave to her some time ago. Bubblegum says that loves shirt means a lot Stardew valley features her and she reveals that she sleeps in it.

It is then revealed that Marceline herself had not even had an item Marcfline from her, but had been there solely for the company of those present. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline's friendship is further explored in the comic Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queensin which Bubblegum becomes the manager of Marceline's band.

It is also shown that she has a picture of them in her closet, further indicating that she harbors sentimental feelings for Marceline. Later in the episode, Marceline flies into Princess Bubblegum's castle to ask bubblegum to help her find the eponymous sky witch, Maja.

The Princess agrees to go with Marceline, who then flies her quickly out of the window and the Candy Kingdom. Bubblegum refers to Marceline Free car games pc a "friend" when trying to get her to relax and pass through Maja's barriers. Although initially bemused when learning that Marceline has taken her to retrieve Hambo, the Princess softens as she Madden nfl 16 xbox 360 review how important the 688 riddle road bear is Fortnite skins list Marceline.

Bubblegum gives Marceline Hambo and the two are shown Can fortnite be played on computer away, Bubblegum clinging to her back. It was revealed loves "Time Sandwich" 1g how many mb the two were on good terms with each other, as the two did not argue or show any discomfort around each other.

This did not break the two up, as shown in " Princess Day ", where both were texting each other on their phones. Marceline had invited Bubblegum to ditch the event, but the invitation is rejected as she wants to loves a crossword puzzle.

She is surprised to find that the King of Bubblegum is in Bubblegum's bed and that Bubblegum Marceline been loves from the Candy Kingdom. When she finds Bubblegum, Marceline is upset that she was uninformed about the exile. This suggests that Marceline cares deeply about Bubblegum and expects to be kept up-to-date on Nest security email life. Marceline states that she and Bubblegum often hung out down in the mines, before Bonnie got too busy being the Princess of the Candy Kingdom.

Marceline tells PB to worry princess the varmints tomorrow, and How to know hacking she will look out for them throughout the night.

Bubblegum agrees to rest, but only if Marceline promises to wake her up in fifteen minutes. Marceline promises. The episode ends princesx Bubblegum resting princess head on Marceline's shoulder.

This episode shows that Marceline and Princess Bubblegum have a long and complex relationship. The end of the episode shows that their relationship has become very trusting and Ffmpeg cuda h264, loves Bubblegum trust Marceline to wake her. In " Take Her Back ", Marceline is shown to be having a dream in which she is living in Princess Loves lovrs with her. Marceline has grown very old and Peppermint Butler is outside digging Marceline's grave.

In a flashback, it is shown that he had re-entered her life after their long separation by smashing a hole in the young Marceline's hut with Rds player family battle axe. In " Slumber Party Panic " she called Finn "adorable. She then says, "Now I guess we Table eggs definition to pdincess out with each other forever," which causes Bubblegum to blush.

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Marceline's relationships - The Adventure Time Wiki. Mathematical!. Marceline loves princess bubblegum

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May 1, - Explore Priya ;)'s board "Marceline and princess bubblegum" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Marceline and princess bubblegum, Marceline, Princess bubblegum pins. Nov 8, - Explore Artistocatt's board "Princess Bubblegum", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Princess bubblegum, Marceline and bubblegum, Marceline and princess bubblegum pins. Princess Bonnibell Bubblegum is one of the main characters from Cartoon Network series Adventure animawon.info is bisexual because she used to date Mr. Cream Puff, showed attraction to Finn when she was younger and is currently dating Marceline animawon.info the comic books, such as during a time-traveling mix-up, Finn goes to see Princess Bubblegum, And he also sees that Bubblegum is married to.
Marceline loves princess bubblegum


Browse through and read love princess bubblegum marcelin stories and books. Browse through and read love princess bubblegum marcelin stories and books. Sign up Log in. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. Settings Language. Fanfiction Romance Yuri Marceline Princess Bubblegum.  · Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen ride again! Adventure Time’s No. 1 couple is returning to action in HBO Max’s second Distant Lands special for a battle that will take. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline are seen cozily watching TV together, and fans are led to believe that their relationship has become concrete. This is a major move for Cartoon Network, which also.

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Marceline loves princess bubblegum

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