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Tim and his girlfriend Angela had been going together for the past two years. They are both in their upper twenties and loved living life to the fullest. There wasn’t a thing they wouldn’t try or do as they already accomplished a number of risky things including sky diving along with bungee cord jumping. They had climbed some of the biggest mountains and rode some of the wildest roller coasters. If it wasn’t high risk or out of the norm they weren’t interested. They plain and simple loved living life on the edge. One day a bored Tim had come across...


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My wife and I have been married for the last sixteen years. We still have a pretty good sex life. I mean, we don’t have sex every day, but still have it at least three times a week. I love my wife, very much, but I’m bi-curious. She has no idea about it, and I only satisfy my cravings for cock when I’m away on business trips. Lately, I've been jerking off to Shemale porn. I’m really quite captivated by the whole thing. My wife does not know about any of these urges or desires. In fact, she doesn’t even know...


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It was late and the last guest at the wedding party had just left. Many of the guests had retired to their hotel rooms for a night of hot sex, having been stimulated by plenty of wine, conversation, and dancing. Wives had excited watching husbands and indeed, other men, with their long luscious legs, most finished with towering high heels, as they danced while their stockinged legs peeked out from between their slitted gowns.Sloppy kisses were exchanged; lipstick was smudged; hard-ons were stimulated-- all of which had left a sexual energy in the air that remained as the newlyweds walked back...


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