Forced Brunette Porn After Shower I Have A Sex Game

But Daddy? I pleaded, looking up into his deep dark eyes. Yes darling? he answered, patting my hair down. I'm still horny! I protested, jumping onto my hands and knees. I want your cock. He shook his head as he smiled, well you better get in that shower so I can fuck you against the wall.” He spanked my bum as I ran into the bathroom, “but you’re only getting a quickie, I’m hungry for food too!” As I stood under the pouring water, Daddy joined me. He was rubbing his thick cock up and down, getting it ready to...


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Xxx like in the cinema with several admirers

Whilemy husband was at work and I had my day off, I figured I’d have a romantic evening. I thought, to myself the possibilities, to make tonight romantic. I looked through my closet where I kept all my lingerie. I wanted something that said sexy, yet not slutty, sweet but not too innocent. I decided on my light blue silk lingerie with pink accent bows to make it sweet. I had matching garters and white thigh highs. I decided not to wear any panties to surprise him. I looked in the mirror starring at how I looked. I didn’t have any...


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Mixed Young Woman Fucks The Wholesome

Master's eyes, Master's face The sting of leather, tattered lace His anger fades, leaving only His pain My head bowed down, lashes lowered in shame Knees bent wide, with arms behind Facing the wall, searching my mind His disappointment is cold, the sorrow crushing How could I..Why did I.. Understanding comes rushing The lesson is learned, but at what cost? My heart is hollow, what have I lost? Time passes slowly, quietly He calls my name Shaking, I look up, seeing that His love remains And do you still doubt? He says with a sigh Through trembling lips, I softly reply...


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Curious Mom Fucks Down With A Plumber

I was eighteen. Life was good except I hadn’t had sex yet. Of course I had made out with a few guys in my class, but their clammy inexperienced hands led me nowhere. I wanted my first time to be special but that feeling was quickly overpowered by the overwhelming hormones. And then I saw him on a Friday night. He wasn’t the hottest guy I had ever seen but he was Mark. Speaking that name now gives me a tingle. It was a party for the students of the college to meet the benefactors who would be sponsoring their scholarship...


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