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Wearing a half-hearted smile, Mara looked out over the lake, trying to enjoy the beauty of the Minnesota morning. The laughter of a loon in the distance accompanied an earthy smelling breeze that rustled her golden blonde hair.Mara’s arm whipped, and the flat stone she held skipped out across the water, surpassing her earlier toss by several hops. Just around the bend of the shore, she heard her younger brother whoop, heralding the launch of the canoes on the morning fishing expedition.The summer trip to the Boundary Waters had been a tradition for as long as she could remember. Her father...


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Oh for God's sake, I laughed, She's at it again.Paige had a hand inside her panties again as she sat between the twins, watching the puzzled expressions on their faces.Their squeals of laughter could have been heard all over the island when, with a flourish, she produced a little silver wrap and showed them the contents.Mum (or Sarah) got the main prize and delighted Paige by sucking lasciviously at the foil, glistening with her juices and then both of them listened while I told them that Paige was due to deliver some the following night, by the same method, but without...


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