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Whilemy husband was at work and I had my day off, I figured I’d have a romantic evening. I thought, to myself the possibilities, to make tonight romantic. I looked through my closet where I kept all my lingerie. I wanted something that said sexy, yet not slutty, sweet but not too innocent. I decided on my light blue silk lingerie with pink accent bows to make it sweet. I had matching garters and white thigh highs. I decided not to wear any panties to surprise him. I looked in the mirror starring at how I looked. I didn’t have any...


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Sex With A Young Woman Who Strengthens Her Nipples When Having Sex

I crawled on top of his rigid hard cock making sure to squeeze my dripping wet pussy all the way down to the base of his shaft. He moans as he grabs my ass squeezing it as he pumps up into me. I can feel my pussy juices dripping down and completely covering both him and myself. He smacks my ass and then reaches down to play with my erect clit. He rapidly runs it with his right hand while holding my hips and thrusting up into me. I grab his shoulders and bite his shoulder to muffle my moans. He...


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Sex With Tits Sucking Mature Woman And Pustan

As we walked off the dance floor, she gave me her 'trademark' cock squeeze, smiling as she did so. I also felt her hand in my jacket pocket. As we got to the table, she said, I need to go powder my nose. and turning to my wife, asked, You want to come along? The two girls left me alone at the table, giving me a chance to see what she had put in my pocket. I unfolded the note, and read 'I really need to see (and feel) you again.' As much as I wanted to see her, I knew...


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