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But Daddy? I pleaded, looking up into his deep dark eyes. Yes darling? he answered, patting my hair down. I'm still horny! I protested, jumping onto my hands and knees. I want your cock. He shook his head as he smiled, well you better get in that shower so I can fuck you against the wall.” He spanked my bum as I ran into the bathroom, “but you’re only getting a quickie, I’m hungry for food too!” As I stood under the pouring water, Daddy joined me. He was rubbing his thick cock up and down, getting it ready to...


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It was late and the last guest at the wedding party had just left. Many of the guests had retired to their hotel rooms for a night of hot sex, having been stimulated by plenty of wine, conversation, and dancing. Wives had excited watching husbands and indeed, other men, with their long luscious legs, most finished with towering high heels, as they danced while their stockinged legs peeked out from between their slitted gowns.Sloppy kisses were exchanged; lipstick was smudged; hard-ons were stimulated-- all of which had left a sexual energy in the air that remained as the newlyweds walked back...


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I grew up in a very prim household. My mother constantly warned me about boys. As a result, while all my high school friends were experiencing sex, I limited myself to the occasional hand job. I went to college and met my husband. He was the first man I had sex with. I think I married him because he was the first man I fucked and I felt it was the right thing to do. Things got pretty vanilla fast and I found myself increasingly bored.My husband had a friend he did business with. This man was forty and I was...


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Oh for God's sake, I laughed, She's at it again.Paige had a hand inside her panties again as she sat between the twins, watching the puzzled expressions on their faces.Their squeals of laughter could have been heard all over the island when, with a flourish, she produced a little silver wrap and showed them the contents.Mum (or Sarah) got the main prize and delighted Paige by sucking lasciviously at the foil, glistening with her juices and then both of them listened while I told them that Paige was due to deliver some the following night, by the same method, but without...


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