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Milf Fucks Her Ass Real Sex With Beautiful Girls

"Oh for God's sake," I laughed, "She's at it again."Paige had a hand inside her panties again as she sat between the twins, watching the puzzled expressions on their faces.Their squeals of laughter could have been heard all over the island when, with a flourish, she produced a little silver wrap and showed them the contents.Mum (or Sarah) got the main prize and delighted Paige by sucking lasciviously at the foil, glistening with her juices and then both of them listened while I told them that Paige was due to deliver some the following night, by the same method, but without the wrapping."Well there's no time like the present." one of the twins suggested hopefully and Paige looked at Claire questioningly.Claire giggled and nodded in agreement, then we all crowded round to watch while Paige eased the block of dope back into her hairless little pussy."Did someone mention champagne?" I suggested.  To a chorus of whoops, we set off back to the villa.It was quite a sight walking behind two four achingly beautiful little bottoms, two almost completely exposed beneath the sexy white thongs and the other two peeking out teasingly from underneath their owner's micro mini skirts as they swayed their hips deliberately for my benefit."I think we've teased you enough," said mum, as she dropped back and linked an arm through mine. "But we couldn't resist it, the expression on your face was priceless.""You look incredible, mum," I laughed and slipped a hand down the back of her thong, "But I knew who you were all the time really."I insinuated a finger down into the crack of her bottom and prodded it gently against the little hole there."Oh no you didn't," she giggled, "I'm Sarah," and ran back to join the others.A glowing barbeque, ice -cold champagne, a beautifully warm night and four extremely sexy women, I'd died and gone to heaven.I stood at the barbeque, "Why is it always the men-folk who do the cooking at barbeques? Turning the steaks with one hand and smoking a joint with the other one while I watched the four girls dancing together, Mum (I think) with Paige and Sarah (I think) with Claire.Paige and mum were lip locked in an erotic, swaying clinch, mum's hands on the teenager's adorable little bum cheeks while Paige had a hand inside the front of mum's thong playing gently with her, undoubtedly soaking wet pussy.Feeling somewhat resigned to the fact that this wasn't going to be my night, I went into my voyeur mode and settled for playing host, cooking the steaks, pouring the champagne and rolling the joints.It wasn't all bad though, Paige insisted on keeping the dope in her pussy and said, that as I was kind of left out, I was the only one allowed access to it."God I have to do all the work round here," I moaned as I slipped the sexy little panties down over her thighs and searched for the dope with my mouth.(Well my hands were a bit greasy from the steaks.)We ate the steaks and salad, sitting around the garden table naked, eyes and hands wandering, devouring each other as well as the food. I noticed Claire whispering in Sarah's ear, and my aunt grinned as she said something and nodded towards me.Claire raised her eyebrows questioningly and laughed. "Really?""Oh yes, really."Squeezing between me and the table, the gorgeous teenager straddled my thighs and giggled as she dipped her face to mine."The meal was beautiful." she whispered and kissed me tenderly, "Here's my little thank you for it.""Ooh yes, Claire that's nice," I sighed as I felt the warm piss gushing down onto my cock, once again stirring it into life. I cupped her breasts and kneaded them gently while her tongue searched my mouth and gave me her sweet tasting saliva.Mum took hold of Paige's hand and together they left the table to sink down on the grass in each other's arms, lips caressed throats, breasts, and nipples.Thighs opened and tongues explored as they manoeuvred around into a sixty- nine, hands cupped buttocks and fingers entered tiny clutching holes, teeth nibbled gently on slippery, glistening flesh and Claire whispered softly to me."Later Jamie, I promise."She leaned back against the table, legs wide apart and looked at me as Sarah made love to her with her mouth, she licked the little droplets of urine from her inner thighs before moving upwards slowly and one at a time took each beautiful labia between her lips.Claire moaned softly as she felt the tongue opening her, sliding in between the folds of her cunt, her own tongue emerged and licked each lip as she ground herself down onto Sarah's mouth."Fuck her, Jamie," she said almost inaudibly, and Sarah's bottom wiggled invitingly as I dropped to my knees behind her.She
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squealed but pushed back against me as the tiny puckered hole opened slowly and the head of my achingly hard cock entered her."Okay, Sarah?""Mmmph." and she reached a hand round to grab my hip, I pushed and she pushed back as the swollen dome eased past the tight constricting sphincter and slid unhindered then into her anus."Oh fuck, Jamie" Sarah took her mouth away just long enough to encourage me."Fuck me, darling, fuck my hot little arse hole."Beside us, mum and Paige were humping like animals, legs wrapped tightly around each other's necks, they were almost like a living ball of flesh, squeals, and moans of delight were the only noises in the gathering gloom as they feasted on each other.Claire took her eyes away from the erotic spectacle and looked into mine as wantonly she cupped both of her breasts and tasted each succulent nipple in turn.The tight velvety walls of Sarah's rectum gripped me as I began moving faster and deeper, Claire gasped as every forward thrust forced Sarah's face against her cunt and I saw the trembling beginning in her legs."Yes," she hissed. "Yes Sarah, I'm cumming, I'm cumming."She screamed and gripped Sarah's hair with both hands, her hips jerked, again and again, her lips pulled back over her clenched teeth as she went into spasms of ecstasy, more urine flowed, and I heard Sarah gulping noisily as she too started to cum.I could feel my own spunk rising as my aunt used her rectal muscles to hold me, she whimpered as I pulled back until just the head of my cock was inside her then I lunged forward savagely, and she screamed.Again and again, I pulled back, then slammed into her as hard as I dared, suddenly I stiffened, and my cock erupted as Claire scrambled down from the table and squatted beside me, her hand gripped my balls and squeezed."Fill her Jamie," she hissed. "Fill her fucking arse hole with it."Sarah slumped forward still squeezing my shaft and drawing my spunk into her rectum as she gasped for breath, I flopped out of her and lay on my back pulling Claire down with me."Beautiful," she whispered. "Absolutely fucking beautiful, Jamie."More squeals of pleasure came from Paige and mum as they took each other over the peak, mouths still clamped onto each other's cunt, they were side by side now, slurping noisily, lapping and drinking. Faces glistening with juice and mucus. Mum had her back to me giving me a perfect view of Paige's finger knuckle deep in her anus as slowly their jerking eased until finally the lay still, faces between each other's thighs, smiles of satisfaction on their faces.We lay together smoking dope and drinking champagne until the night began to cool and we went inside to continue the fun, we were high and drunk, we fucked and sucked and gave ourselves up to every perverse pleasure we could think of.I ate strawberries from four dripping wet cunts and watched as the girls did the same, we drank a heady mixture of champagne and urine, and I came twice more, once in Paige's beautifully gripping pussy and finally in Claire's gorgeous mouth, before falling asleep completely sated surrounded by four equally sated women."Look" she smiled, "No hole where the stud would be if I was Sarah."I looked closely at mum's pert little nose, she was right, there was no tell-tale sign of a tiny piercing at all."Hi gorgeous," I said and kissed her.I'd wandered into the kitchen in search of some coffee and saw her sitting naked on the patio smoking a cigarette."Morning er, - - -, whoever you are." and that was when she said."I told Jenny, I'd rip her fucking tits off, remember?""I'll never forget mum."We kissed again tenderly, she smelled fresh and clean after her shower, her breath was sweet in my mouth, and I felt myself rising as her hand found me."You're hard."I slid a hand down between our bodies and found her slit."And you're wet.""Yes."She moaned with pleasure as I lifted her bodily, wrapping both arms around my neck, she scissored her legs round my waist and shivered as I lowered her down onto my erection."Love me, darling," she breathed into my mouth and whimpered as she impaled herself completely on my cock."I do love you, mum." I began to move my hips slowly, sliding my cock in and out of her sweet little pussy."The girls are great, they're so fucking sexy, but it's you I want mum.""Oh, Jamie."We sank down onto the grass and made love, not once did our lips part, nor did our eyes leave each other, we moved together in a perfect rhythm, giving, taking, pleasing and above all loving.We came together, still kissing, sharing the same breath, eyes still wide open, even as I was pumping my sperm into her she whimpered and said."I love you."  

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