Porno La Party In Constanta Orgii Sexuale La Gramada Xxx

Porno La Party In Constanta Orgii Sexuale La Gramada Xxx

Tim and his girlfriend Angela had been going together for the past two years. They are both in their upper twenties and loved living life to the fullest. There wasn’t a thing they wouldn’t try or do as they already accomplished a number of risky things including sky diving along with bungee cord jumping. They had climbed some of the biggest mountains and rode some of the wildest roller coasters. If it wasn’t high risk or out of the norm they weren’t interested. They plain and simple loved living life on the edge. One day a bored Tim had come across that he found to be very interesting. A talent firm was looking for women to wrestle in bikinis for money. It instantly peeked his interest, as he knew this would be up Angela’s ally. Angela was in very fit condition and looked outstanding in a bikini. She loves to show off her body any chance she gets and the thought of watching her wrestle another woman had Tim’s cock hard. He mentioned it to Angela that night as she was quite interested in trying it. The thought of prancing around in a string bikini in front of an enthusiastic crowd while wrestling another woman had her adrenalin pumping. She loved attention and there was no better way of getting it by wrestling another woman in just a bikini. She quickly called the number listed to get more information. A gentleman told her and Tim exactly what it was all about. It was a bit different than they had originally thought, but Angela was still very much interested in being part of it. The gentleman told them that this wasn’t your average wrestling match. The name of the game wasn’t to pin your opponent, but to try to make as much sexual contact with them as possible. The scoring system was based on several different factors including ripping your opponent’s bikini from there body. You also can score points by grabbing the tits of your opponent along with sucking on them. There were several other ways of scoring points including spanking, and kissing them, but the biggest way to get points was by getting one of your fingers into their pussy or ass. You also can score big points by licking their pussy while fingering them. The scoring system was simple, get enough points and you win, but the ultimate goal though was to try to make your opponent orgasm right there on the mat. If you can make them orgasm you are immediately declare the winner of the match. This was a lot for Angela and Tim to take in as they listened carefully to every word the gentleman had said. Angela had never walked away from a challenge before and she certainly wasn’t about to start now. She told the gentleman to sign her up as he immediately scheduled her a match in a few weeks. Angela wasn’t bisexual even though she did experiment one time while drunk in college with one of her roommates. This was a challenge like none before for her as Angela trained hard over the next two weeks. Her match was only days away and she began to feel really good about herself. She practiced some of the basic wrestling moves and felt like she knew more than enough to win, but she had no idea what she was about to get herself into. That following Saturday night Angela and her boyfriend Tim headed for a small dark warehouse. As they pulled up it looked almost abandoned, but once inside they discovered it certainly was anything but abandoned. In the center of the warehouse was a make shift area with mats all around. A small bleacher section adorned one side of the mats while a scoreboard sat on the opposite side. Tim and Angela walked over toward the mats as a gentleman had come up to greet the both of them. He gave Angela a small string bikini to wear along with a list of the rules. A match would consist of three, ten minute periods and the one with the most points after that simply wins. The winner would take home two thousand dollars while the loser gets a token five hundred dollars. If an opponent can make the other opponent orgasm on the mat while wrestling they win the match instantly along with collecting a bonus check of one thousand dollars. Angela was now extremely excited for her match that night. She then was whisked away to the back leaving Tim behind as several spectators began to arrive. Tim sat in the first row of the bleachers as there were two matches schedule for that evening. Angela would be in the second match as Tim and the crowd waited for the first match to start. A few minutes later two women emerged from a back room. They were introduced as the first opponent was a thirty-two year old single mom of two named Chris. Chris wasn’t in bad shape for her age as her string bikini covered just enough of her butt to get your imagination going. Her opponent Megan was a twenty-three year old who looked to be in even better shape than Chris as she waltz out in a very skimpy two piece string bikini. She had a fabulous body as her bikini rode up the crack of her beautiful ass as the men in the crowd voice their pleasure. The women each took several minutes warming up as they did several stretches in front of the crowd. A few minutes later it was finally time for the match to begin. It was referee by an older gentleman while another gentleman manned the camera. It was being sent out onto an online site where people paid good money to watch. The crowd had grown to about fifty or so people as they crammed themselves onto the bleachers. The referee blew his whistle and the match was on. The two of them sized one another out as they pranced around on the mats. It was thirty seconds later that Chris the single mom went for a take down. She brought Megan down onto the mat as the tussle between the two of them began in earnest. Megan was clearly the aggressor as you could tell that she was much stronger and better physical shape than the older Chris was. It had been a few minutes later and Megan had already rip the top off of the thirty-two year old Chris. The young woman began to rack up points quickly as she grabbed both of her opponents tits as she gave each of them a firm squeeze with both of her hands. She continued to grab each of them for a good thirty seconds before the referee finally split the two of them apart. They continued to roll around on the mats as Megan was very close on removing her opponent’s bikini bottoms. She finally had Chris in a hold where she couldn’t move as she reached down and untied her bikini bottoms. Chris was now naked and in trouble as the first period had come to a fiery end. Megan had racked up more than seventy points while Chris had only managed to get five points. The next period was more of the same as Megan went right after Chris once again. She had her down in no time as she began to rack up even more points. She gave the mom of two several hard smacks on the ass as she sat on top of her holding her down on the mat. A few minutes later she quickly turned Chris over onto her back and had she pinned down. Megan had Chris right where she wanted as she went in for the kill. Megan slid her hand down in between Chris’s legs and began to finger her pussy while Chris did everything in her power to free herself. It was no use as she was pinned tightly down onto the mat as she felt Megan’s finger slide in and out of her pussy a number of times right in front of fifty screaming fans. Chris began to cry out as she tried to get away and with some hard work she was finally able to break herself free a minute or so later. Megan was relentless as she quickly pinned Chris’s arms back above her head once again and pulled out her tits. She began to rub her beautiful tits all over Chris’s lovely face gaining her even more points. She was winning by a large margin now as the second period had come to an abrupt end. She had now amassed a huge one hundred and fifty point lead going into the third and final period. As the third round started the only way Chris could win was to make her opponent cry out in orgasm. She knew that and went right after Megan, but after making a critical mistake she found herself underneath Megan’s body once again. Megan now had Chris pinned tightly down onto the mat as she rammed one of her fingers into Chris’s asshole. Chris immediately cried out as she felt Megan’s finger penetrate deeply into her ass gaining her even more points. Megan certainly wasn’t through as she decided to go for even more points. She held a tiring Chris down and crawled up over top of her face. She pulled her small little G-string to one side and began to rub the lips of her pussy right over Chris’s mouth again and again. This gave her even more points as she began to have her way with the thirty-two year old mom of two. She now went for the most important thing and that was to make Chris orgasm in front of a cheering crowd. She reached down and began to finger Chris’s pussy once again. She started with one finger but that quickly grew to two fingers and ultimately had become three fingers inside her pussy. Chris lay on the mat moaning out loudly now as Megan yelled out, “Come on bitch! I want you to cum all over my fingers!” With time ticking off the clock Chris was on the verge of cumming. She was helpless and with just a minute left in the match she began to cry out loudly. She began to cum hard all over Megan’s three fingers as she lay there squirming hard on the wrestling mat. Megan was declared instantly the winner as Tim thought the match was over with, but he was about to get the surprise of his life. It was now time for the winner Megan to humiliate and embarrass the loser Chris by fucking her right out in the center of the mats. Megan put on a big black strap on cock and told Chris to suck on it. Chris dropped to her knees and began to suck on the black strap on cock as the crowd began to get into it. A few minutes later Megan made Chris get down onto all fours in the center of the ring. She got in behind her and began to ram the big black strap on cock deeply into Chris’s aroused pussy. Chris instantly cried out in front of the boisterous crowd as Megan fucked her hard in front of them. She continued to fuck her hard from behind as the mom of two screamed out into a powerful orgasm j
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ust a short while later. Megan now turned Chris over and knelt in between her legs. She once again pushed the big black strap on cock back into her as Chris felt another orgasm building inside her. Megan fucked her good and hard for several minutes as Chris once again screamed out into another very intense orgasm. Megan now decided to fuck Chris in the ass as she once again had her get onto all fours on the center of the mats. With Chris’s ass up in the air Megan pushed the big strap on cock into her ass sending shock waves through Chris’s body. Chris hadn’t felt anything like this ever before as Megan began to fuck her hard in the ass with the big black cock in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Chris once again screamed out as she again had another powerful orgasm. She was totally worn out now, but she still had one more thing she had to do for Megan and that was suck her pussy. Megan rolled Chris over and moved over top of her face. Her knees were on both sides of Chris’s head as the lips of her aroused pussy were up against Chris’s mouth. Chris was totally pinned down as she had only one choice and that was to make Megan cum all over her mouth. Megan urged her on as she said,” Suck it bitch! Suck my pussy!” It had been several minutes later and Megan was close to cumming. She began to rock herself hard back n forth across Chris’s mouth as she felt her opponent’s tongue wedged deep inside her pussy. Then seconds later Megan cried out as she began to orgasm hard all over her opponent’s mouth and face. Her orgasm was so intense that her sweet juices covered the face of the thirty-two year old, single mom. Megan was done with Chris as she got up off her to a loud applause as Tim sat there in disbelief. He knew nothing about what happens to the loser after the match. He wonder if Angela was told anything about it as he waited patiently for her match to begin. A short while later Angela paraded out in a very tight string bikini. Her whole beautiful ass was visible as the men in the crowd voice their approval. Her opponent followed a minute or so behind. Tim was very interested who her opponent would be as he watched her take her position opposite of Angela. She was petite in size as she also wore a tight bikini that showed off her beautiful ass. Her name was Amber and she was listed at 5’3 and 105 pounds. Tim began to feel a bit better as Angela was much bigger than her opponent as she was listed at 5’6 and a 125 pounds. She definitely had an advantage over the young girl who was only twenty years old. The match began just shortly after the introductions. The crowd was even more boisterous than before as Amber and Angela had come together at the center of the mats. They began to tussle with one another and before Tim knew it Angela had pulled the top off Amber. Amber tits were more on the small side though they were extremely perky. Angela quickly began to grab at Amber’s expose tits grabbing as many points as she could. A few minutes later though the tables would be turned as it would be Amber’s turn to return the favor. She had Angela pinned down as she was able to undo Angela’s top exposing her tits. Angela’s tits were spectacular as they were a bit above average in size and were very firm. Amber quickly went after them as she was able to grab them a number of times including pinching each of her hard nipples. The first period ended in almost a draw as Angela had a small two point lead over Amber. Amber was much stronger and quicker than Tim had originally thought as he began to worry. The second round was again very even as Amber caught a break a few minutes in. She was able to pull on one of the strings that held on Angela’s bikini bottoms. They barely still stayed on Angela’s body, but eventually came off a few seconds later to a loud applause from the audience. Angela’s clean shaven pussy was now on display for all to see. Amber tried desperately to ram a finger into Angela’s pussy, but Angela was able to stop her each time. They continued to roll around the wrestling mat and it was at the very end of the period that Angela was able to get revenge as she had gotten Amber’s bikini bottoms loose. They both ended up the period fully naked as Amber held onto a slight lead going into the last and final period. The third period started off just as the past two did. Both women racked up points for tit grabbing and butt spanking, but neither one of them had a decisive edge. There was about five minutes left in the match when things began to change significantly. Amber was able to get Angela onto her back as Amber had maneuvered herself on top of her. Amber had her ass pointed back toward Angela’s face while her head was aimed down toward her feet. Angela was now in trouble as her arms were pinned tightly against her body by Amber’s knees. Amber now began to work her ass back toward Angela’s face. In the meantime Amber tried to pry a finger in between Angela’s legs as she tried to in vain to keep them locked together. A few seconds later Amber was able to get one of her fingers in between Angela’s legs. As she began to massaged Angela’s clit her legs slowly began to open. Seconds later Amber had maneuvered two of her fingers into Angela’s pussy as she cried out, “Oh god no! Omg!” She began to ram her two fingers in and out of Angela’s pussy at will now as she worked her pussy over top of Angela’s face. She was now racking up big points, but she wanted that ultimate thrill of making Angela cum right there on the mat in front of a boisterous crowd. Amber began to feverishly run her fingers in and out of Angela’s pussy as she now had maneuvered her pussy over top of Angela’s mouth. Angela felt a wave of energy shoot through her like never before as she felt Amber’s fingers penetrate deeper and deeper into her swollen pussy. She was losing control quickly and before she knew it she felt Amber’s tongue begin to glide across her swollen clit. That was all it took as she began to suck on Amber’s pussy that sat on top of her mouth. Amber called out to the referee, “She is licking my pussy!” This gave Amber even more valuable points as she continued to grind her pussy across Angela’s mouth while continuing to ram two fingers into her swollen pussy. A minute later Angela was out of steam and had practically given up trying to get free as Amber continued to ram two of her fingers into her now wet pussy. Then without any warning Angela’s body began to tense up. Her arms free now held tightly onto the back of Amber’s ass as she began to orgasm like never before. It was now all over with as Amber was quickly declared the winner as Angela lay there on the mat dejected by her loss. After Amber was declared the winner it was now time for Angela to be humiliated in front of a cheering crowd. Amber quickly put on a bright pink strap on cock and moved Angela right in front of the loud crowd. She stood up behind her ass and inserted the fake cock deeply into Angela’s wet pussy. She grabbed the back of Angela’s arms began to fuck her like never before as Angela cried out into a powerful orgasm just minutes later. She then pushed Angela down onto the mat and grabbed a big electric vibrator. She held Angela’s legs wide apart and began to use the vibrator on her swollen pussy. Angela moaned out as she felt wave after wave of adrenalin shoot through her as Amber made her cum once again just minutes later. Angela begged that it was too much, but Amber wasn’t done with her. She secured Angela’s body even more tightly onto the mat and continued to use the big vibrator on her until she made her screamed out again into another earth shattering orgasm a few minutes later right in front of a crowd of cheering fans. Amber now had Angela lay on her shoulders as she pulled her legs up over top of her head. Her knees rested on the mat at each side of her head as her pussy and ass stood high into the air. Amber now stood over her as she plunged the bright pink strap on cock deep into Angela’s ass. Angela immediately cry out as Amber rammed every inch of the pink cock deep into her ass. She fucked her in the ass for several good minutes as Angela screamed out over and over. She now had Angela get onto all fours as she once again rammed the big pink cock back into her ass. She stood up onto both of her feet and grabbed the back of Angela’s head. She began to ram every inch of the big pink cock deep into Angela’s tender ass. She wanted the crowd to see Angela’s facial expressions as she began to orgasm once again as Amber banged her hard in the ass with the strap on cock. Amber now tossed Angela’s worn out body down onto the mat. There was still one more thing Angela had to do for her and that was for her to make her cum. She straddle her pussy up over top of Angela’s face and pulled Angela’s mouth tightly up against her now swollen pussy. “Suck it bitch!” Amber cried out as she felt Angela’s tongue glide back n forth across the lips of her sweet pussy. A few minutes later Amber’s body began to tense up. She screamed out, “Harder! Suck it harder!” Then just seconds later Amber screamed out as she began to orgasm hard all over Angela’s mouth and face. She had cum so hard that her whole body shook as she let out a loud shilling cry as she had cum. She now got up off Angela to a thunderous standing ovation as Angela lay there trying to recover. In the back room later that night a dejected and embarrassed Angela sat. She asked the events director if he had any other matches for her in the future. She was told that there was one match still open in a few weeks. It was against an opponent who hadn’t lost yet and who went by the nick name the enforcer. They had their highest ratings ever that night and a match between Angela and this other woman would bring in even more viewers. Angela now had to decide if she wanted to take on the enforcer a woman who was undefeated and who had dominate all of her previous opponents. This was the only way to get her pride back and show how tuff she really was. The real question now is should she do it or not?

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