Forced Brunette Porn After Shower I Have A Sex Game

Forced Brunette Porn After Shower I Have A Sex Game

"But Daddy?" I pleaded, looking up into his deep dark eyes. "Yes darling?" he answered, patting my hair down. "I'm still horny!" I protested, jumping onto my hands and knees. "I want your cock." He shook his head as he smiled, "well you better get in that shower so I can fuck you against the wall.” He spanked my bum as I ran into the bathroom, “but you’re only getting a quickie, I’m hungry for food too!” As I stood under the pouring water, Daddy joined me. He was rubbing his thick cock up and down, getting it ready to satisfy. I took over rubbing it, as he joined me under the warm water. Daddy held each of my breasts, his thumbs running over my nipples making them instantly hard. He kissed me hard as his cock was now ready. His hands slid to my hips, and he picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist, as he pushed his cock deep into me. Daddy pushed my back against the marble tiles, and slowly bounced me up and down on him. It didn’t take long, for his cock to rub my g-spot enough for me to cum. I screamed, my juices covering his cock, as his juices spurted into me too. Daddy left me to wash my hair as he got ready for tonight. When I got out I washed my face, and did my make-up. I wanted it to be dramatic – after all it was the first night of our holiday. I knew what I was going to wear, it would make Daddy completely unable to resist me. After I finished rimming my eyes with eyeliner and mascara and applied the last coat of scarlet lipstick I strutted out naked to find my red thong and ¾ cup bra. I walked around, pretending not to find what I was looking for, so as Daddy glanced up he could see my pussy as I bent right over. Out the corner of my eye I saw him smile at the view. “Oh I found it!” I said, acting surprised. I slowly put them on, letting Daddy watch me ‘without noticing’. I then reached for the scarlet dress that I was going to wear tonight. It was very short – barely going to cover my bum, and dived down into my cleavage. It was tight across my waist and I knew I would get looks in this. Daddy’s mouth dropped open as I turned to him, “I’m ready!” “Is…is that what you’re are wearing tonight?” He stuttered. “Yes Daddy,” I smiled, “do you like it on me?” I asked, posing, already knowing the answer. He nodded, unable to speak, moving towards me to touch me. “Yes baby I do, a lot.” I completely ignored his reaction to my skimpy outfit, even though I was as horny as him. “Let’s go for dinner now Daddy.” I grabbed his hand, picked up my black clutch bag, slipping on my black high heels and pulled him out the door. I interlinked my arm in his, and I strutted alongside him. I wanted to be seen with my gorgeous Daddy. He did look amazing tonight – he had the same thought about wanting to look good in the first evening of our holiday. He was wearing a lightweight grey suit and a crisp white skirt. As we walked over to the restaurant, about 7 minutes from our apartment, we had lots of looks. Men stared at me, on my Daddy’s arm, laughing and smiling. Women, envying me, eyed up Daddy, trying to get his attention, but all the time, he only had eyes for me. We reached the grand restaurant, and got escorted to a table for two looking out across the beach, and where the sun had set. Daddy ordered plenty of wine throughout the meal, to try and get me tipsy, because he was in the mood for fun. However, he didn’t know that I was too. When our meal was brought to us, I couldn’t help but tease him. “Daddy, is your meat as wet as mine?” I asked, winking, talking in a very matter of fact tone. “No darling,” he smiled, “not yet anyway.” I also teased him by raising my toe to his crotch where I stroked his now semi-hard cock. I could see that he was finding it almost unbearable as I kept it going for a few minutes at a time. As I did this Daddy said, “This bit of meat,” chewing before going to speak aga
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in, “is very hard. Something needs to be done about it.” I smiled. “Oh does it Daddy?” I winked. “Could I do anything to help?” He smiled. The wine continued to flow. I could feel my head start to spin. As I ate my ice cream, I sucked on the spoon, making eye contact with Daddy as I did so. “Mmmm this is so yummy.” “Right,” Daddy said, standing up, “you have pushed your luck!” He started to walk out. I didn’t know what to do – Daddy was angry with me. I instinctively got up and followed him out, leaving our desserts on the table. “Daddy, wait, please!” I shouted as I got out into the warm air. He didn’t even look back, as he carried on walking, but I finally caught up with him. “You,” he started, his face seeming to be angry, then smiled wickedly, “deserve to be punished!” I smiled, relief washing over me. He grabbed my hand, pulling me behind the towel hut, and pushed me down to the ground. “You, little girl, have no idea what you have done to me!” He seemed to rip open his trousers and got his cock out. It was so thick and hard. It intimidated me. I looked up to Daddy. He spoke in such a calm way even though his cock was waiting to fill me. “So, I’m going to fuck your face as your punishment.” I didn’t even get to take a breath before his huge cock was in my mouth and hitting the back of my throat. He didn’t care whether he was a bit rough with me like he did normally, tonight he just wanted to me realise what I had done to him and that he needed his relief. I closed my mouth around his cock a bit more so it was tighter for him, and I looked up to him. I placed my hand on his bare bum, and I heard him moan. I wanted to please him. I started to find his arse hole with my left index finger, and when I found it I pushed my finger in about half an inch. He moaned even more. I pushed my finger in about another half an inch, once again he moaned so I pushed and pushed until my second knuckle was inside him. I pulled out and used two to slowly finger his arse. He loved it, moaning and moaning even more than normal. It excited me to see him in such a frenzy. It didn’t take much longer until he leant back against the towel hut and he gave such a groan as he came – his cum filling my mouth and spurting down my throat. He pulled me up to kiss him. He continued to be rough with me, and I was enjoying it. My head was spinning – I was feeling the full effect of the wine and I was so horny. I just wanted him again. His hands squeezed my boobs, it made me moan – he had never been this rough with me. He put two of his own fingers in his mouth to wet them before shoving them deep into my pussy. I was so surprised about how urgent he was with me. After bringing me so close to an orgasm, one of the best so far, he stopped and bent me over. He slapped my arse so hard, “ooo it’s all red!” he said, raising his hand to slap me again…and again…and again. I started to scream. I was just like Daddy had been earlier. I need to cum. However, Daddy did up his trousers and just walked off. I needed him so bad, and he was just leaving me stood here, needing to cum. He was evil! I tried to rearrange myself before following him. Running after him. “Daddy,” I said, my teeth gritted together. He just ignored me, like I was there. I pulled and tugged at him. I even kissed him. I grabbed his cock. Still no response. It was only when we saw our apartment that Daddy turned. Looked me deep in the eye, and slapped me across the face. “Daddy!” I screamed. “You need to learn when you need to be a good girl.” He stated, pulling me into him, and kissing me. His lips were hard against mine, our tongues touching – sending lightning bolts through our bodies, his hands feeling down my body, and then to my hips where he picked me up. I wrapped my legs round his waist, and he carried me off to our room. This is where it got even more exciting…

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