Free Xxx Movies Waiting For Her Lover And Seeing Her Ass

Free Xxx Movies Waiting For Her Lover And Seeing Her Ass

My wife and I have been married for the last sixteen years. We still have a pretty good sex life. I mean, we don’t have sex every day, but still have it at least three times a week. I love my wife, very much, but I’m bi-curious. She has no idea about it, and I only satisfy my cravings for cock when I’m away on business trips. Lately, I've been jerking off to Shemale porn. I’m really quite captivated by the whole thing. My wife does not know about any of these urges or desires. In fact, she doesn’t even know that I masturbate often. Quite frankly, I don’t think she would understand this. I love to be naughty and find this to just be something I do in my own quiet time when I’m traveling. I think that if my wife knew, she would send me to a doctor to have my head examined and probably divorce me. I need to keep this part of my life a complete secret. This is a story about when I traveled to Amsterdam and what transpired there. I'll go into all the details of what happened. I had gotten into Amsterdam late and got settled into my hotel. I was able to sleep for about four hours before heading over to my office. I’m a Finance Director at a manufacturing company. I travel all around the world with my job. Once I got up, I had a light breakfast. I called a car to come and get me and drive me to the office. When I arrived, I was greeted by the receptionist. She called the President’s secretary who came and got me. Her name is Anne, and she brought me to an office where I would be spending most of my day. Most of the day, I was in meetings with the heads of the departments. I was just reading over a lot of the reports and was on a few conference calls with other staff members. All day long, all I could think about was exploring my wildest fantasies of going to the blue light district. Now, the blue district is where all the Shemale houses are. I had been doing a lot of reading about this and was very excited to finally experience sex with a Shemale. Finally, I finished up with my day and then headed back to my hotel for dinner. My mind was racing with all kinds of naughty thoughts. I actually felt myself getting very hard. I unzipped my trousers and took them off. I also put a vibrating anal plug into my ass and turned it on. The sensations felt really good up my asshole. I moved my hand up and down my cock. I fondled my balls and stroked my cock slow and then very fast up my shaft. “Oh God, the vibrations in my ass feel so fucking good.” I was now jerking my cock much faster now. The vibrations in my ass were driving me absolutely crazy. I usually edge for hours, but since I was going to be exploring in the blue light district tonight, I came pretty fast. Ropes and ropes of my hot come filled my palm. I took a lick and it tasted so good. I love to take a taste of my come sometimes. I took the anal plug out of my ass, washed it and put it away. I got myself cleaned up and changed my clothes into street attire. I put on jeans and a blue polo shirt and loafer shoes. I took a cab over to the red light district, walked around there for a while and wound my way over to the blue light district. The blue light district occupies two of the streets. I was beyond excited and very nervous. I must have walked up and down the street about twenty-five times. My heart was pounding in my shirt. I was really starting to sweat. My nerves were starting to take over. I didn’t want to leave Amsterdam without doing this. This was my fantasy and I was going to do it. Come hell or high water. I finally saw a Shemale in the window that I found attractive. She was just beautiful. I walked into her house. “Hello, my name is Danielle, how are you tonight?” “I’m well, thank you. My name is Ian. I’m a bit nervous. I’ve never done anything like this before.” Danielle was a beautiful girl. She was from Brazil but spoke very good English. She was 5’7” and was blonde and very petite. She probably only weighed about one hundred and five pounds. She had the longest legs you’ve even seen. Her breasts were large for her frame. I guess they were about a C-cup. She was dressed in a skin tight white and blue dress. I’m 6’3” and weigh about one h
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undred and ninety five pounds. I’m in excellent fit shape. My cock is about six and a half inches long. At this point, I could feel myself getting harder as we were talking. She was very attractive and my mind was all over the place. “Well, Ian, what is it you want to do with me?” “I just want us to explore each other.” “Okay, sugar we can do that. How about you pay me three hundred dollars and we’ll have a great time. We’ll explore each other very slowly.” “That sounds like a fair amount.” I reached into my wallet and pulled out the cash. I handed the money over to Danielle. She then took me into her bedroom. She helped me take my shirt off. She unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans. She pulled my pants down and helped me out of my silk boxers. I was now completely nude in front of her. I then helped her off with her dress, and she stood there with only her white panties on. I could see her beautiful bulge in her silk panties. Our bodies were pressed together and we held each other. She then stepped away and pulled down her panties. Her cock was semi hard. She looked so beautiful standing there nude with a slight erection. She had a nice sized cock. I think we’re about the same size. I was just imagining that we would masturbate for each other. I did not want to have anal sex and was thinking we might have oral sex, but I wasn’t really sure about that yet. She then walked towards me and wrapped her hands around my cock, and I did the same thing to her. As soon as her hands were on my cock, I immediately got very hard. Her cock was on the thin side and looked very ladylike. It was such a turn on to be in her company. “Why don’t you sit on the edge of the bed, I’ll do a sexy dance for you.” Danielle turned some music on and started to dance. She was swaying her hips and gyrating her cock. Her cock was moving to the left and to the right. She had the most amazing breasts. Her nipples were erect and very hard. I just sat there and stroked my cock while she danced for me. She then walked right up to me. Her cock was right in line with my mouth. I was not really sure that I wanted to give her oral sex, but at that moment I just reached out and began to suck her cock. I never dreamed I would suck another cock, but at that particular moment, I did. I wrapped my lips around her cock and tasted her. It was really incredible. I worked my mouth up and down her shaft. I rubbed and played with her smooth balls, as I gagged on her cock. Deeper and deeper I took her cock down my throat. I was enjoying giving her the first blow job I've ever given to someone ever in my life. I did taste her pre-cum that was oozing off the tip of her mushroom head.She then pulled out and we just continued to stroke each other’s cocks. Our hands moved up and down our shafts first slow and then a little faster. I really was very aroused and very excited to have this gorgeous woman stroking my hard cock. She was also was very hard and enjoying what I was doing to her. Then she put her cock over my cock and we stroked it as if it were one. It was so incredibly sexy and hot. Then she put my cock on top of hers and again we stroked it like it was one. Her hands were now over my hands while we were feeling our cocks together. Danielle then knelt down, wrapped her lips around my cock and worked her mouth up and down over it. She sucked, slurped, and gagged on my dick. Her mouth felt incredibly sexy on my hard cock. I was moaning as she gave me head. I was really fighting the urge to come. I was enjoying this way too much. I never wanted it to end. She was so incredibly hot and sexy. She was really great at giving blow jobs. We then walked over to the bed and knelt down, facing each other. We both were stroking our cocks fast now, inches away from each other. We both had intense orgasms. My come shot and hit her stomach, cock, and legs. Her come did not shoot out as far, but it did hit my thigh. We both then shared a kiss, and then I got dressed and left. It was an incredibly memorable night that I’ll never forget. I then got a cab and went back to my hotel. I think about this night frequently. · I wrote this for my friend, I hope he enjoys it.  

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